NEW: Fixed Price Implementation Packages

Part of the reason we got into ISO standards, is we like things to be straight forward. When things are straightforward (like your management systems), you can spend more time on creating value and generating new business.

When we’ve been looking for business services over the last few months, a frequent frustration has been the opacity of pricing. We understand that all businesses are different, but sometimes there isn’t enough time in the day for a small business owner to make an enquiry, field a lengthy sales call, then get a long winded response, when all you want is a price.

Then we looked in the mirror – are we being straightforward enough??

Taking all our learnings from years of implementation, we’re pleased to introduce our no nonsense Fixed Price Implementation Packages with GUARANTEED UKAS certification (T&C’S apply).

With three three different tiers simply look through the checklist of requirements to work out the best package for you and there you go – the price we’ll charge you.

Straight forward-ness for these unpredictable times.

The above table shows you our prices for the implementation packages for each tier. In addition, we are also offering fixed price service packages for all your management system support needs. All the information can be found on our Fixed Price Packages page.

And as you go, we’ll give you one of  our guarantee marks to display on your website, promoting your status to current and potential clients.

LIMITED OFFER AVAILABLE – To top it off, to help you through quarantine we’re offering 180 day payment terms, that’s nothing to pay for 6 months as long as lockdown is in place.

Want to know how we’d work with you during the pandemic? Check out our post on remote working.

Ready to ditch your voyage through the quagmire of ‘find out more’? Check out the page, or get in touch.

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