NEW: Fixed Price Implementation Packages

Part of the reason we got into ISO standards, is we like things to be straight forward. When things are straightforward (like your management systems), you can spend more time on creating value and generating new business. When we’ve been looking for business services over the last few months, a frequent frustration has been the Read more about NEW: Fixed Price Implementation Packages[…]

Understanding ISO: Getting Certified

So you’ve implemented your system and now you want to let everybody know how great your organisation is! What next? How can you tell people you are operating in compliance with ISO standard? What do you need to do if you want to get UKAS certified? Read on to find out more… Under ISO there Read more about Understanding ISO: Getting Certified[…]

Understanding ISO: What does it mean?

You’ve probably seen stickers or logos on vans, websites and brochures with the acronym “ISO”. If you’ve ever wondered what it means, here’s some more information about these standards, what they mean and why your organisation might want to get certified. ISO The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) develop, maintain, review and update all ISO Read more about Understanding ISO: What does it mean?[…]

Understanding ISO: ISO 14001 Environmental Management

What does it mean? Having worked as a lead auditor for some big certification bodies, including BM Trada and NQA, I noticed many ISO 14001 systems were implemented by individuals who were primarily quality consultants. These systems are often good enough to achieve UKAS certification, but do not maximise value for the organisation because the Read more about Understanding ISO: ISO 14001 Environmental Management[…]

Why is a Sustainability Consultancy offering ISO 9001 Quality Management?

When I first set out to build better sustainability reporting systems, it quickly became apparent that most organisations get ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) certification before starting to report their sustainability impacts, and before ISO 14001 they typically get ISO 9001 (Quality Management). Most organisations use a quality consultant to help them achieve ISO 9001, and Read more about Why is a Sustainability Consultancy offering ISO 9001 Quality Management?[…]

Understanding ISO: Who needs them?

Totem Sustainability are taking new approaches to enable organisations to achieve their aspirations through ISO management systems. Founder and CEO Ian Dodd tells us about some recent discussions he’s had about QMS and explains how ISO standards can help all organisations. Recently I was talking to some business owners based with me at the BTC Read more about Understanding ISO: Who needs them?[…]