28th February 2019

Fixed Price Packages

Nothing to pay for 6 months and up to 45% off*

We are offering remote services and 180 day payment terms for the duration of the coronavirus lockdown on all Fixed Price Management System Implementation Packages to help you achieve your aspirations, even during these unprecedented times.

If you cannot currently work from your organisations premises we will complete training, gap analyses, document preparation, internal audit and management reviews remotely so everything is ready for you to implement and get certified as soon as restrictions are lifted.

If you are an SME you could also be eligible for a grant of up to 45% off the value of our Fixed Price Implementation and Support Packages. Get in touch for more details.

Guaranteed UKAS or ASI certification, or your money back.

We offer fixed price Implementation and Support Packs* to help you achieve and maintain UKAS and ASI certification. We also Guarantee UKAS certification or your money back (terms and conditions apply).

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Fixed Price Implementation Packages

Implementation Services Bronze Silver Gold
Introductory ISO/FSC® Training
Gap Analysis
Document Templates
Operational Procedures
Document Preparation
Internal Auditor Training
Key Person Training
First Internal Audit
First Management Review Meeting
Small (1-10 employees in scope†) £2,000.00 £4,000.00 £6,000.00
Medium (11-250 employees in scope†) £3,000.00 £5,000.00 £10,000.00
Large (251+ employees in scope†) £4,000.00 £7,500.00 £15,000.00

†A management system does not have to cover the entirety of an organisation. The number of employees refers to the number covered by the locations and activities "in scope" of the management system. This could be one location, one region or one country, the number of employees we are referring to are those within this defined boundary.

Discounts are available for implementing multiple standards or adding a new standard to an existing UKAS certified management system**.

Fixed Price Support Packages

Support Services Bronze Silver Gold
Internal Audits 1 5 10
Management Reviews 1 2 4
Annual Refresher Training 1 1
External Audit Attendance 1 2 4
Monthly newsletter
Saving £0.00 £500.00 £1,500.00
Price £1,500.00 £4,500.00 £8,000.00

How it Works - Fixed Price Implementations


We will provide you with Totem Systems Guarantee Marks to help you communicate where you are on your journey to certification, these are:


1. Implementing - Once you have committed to one of our Implementation Packages we will issue you an 'Implementing' Guarantee Mark. This tells customers that you are being supported by a Certification Body recommended consultancy and you are on your journey to implementing the requirements of your chosen standard.

Audit Ready

2. Certification Ready - Once we have signed a Recommendation for Certification we will issue you with a 'Certification Ready' Guarantee Mark. This tells customers you have completed your implementation and you are waiting for your management systems to be audited and certified by a UKAS accredited certification body.


3. Certified - Upon receiving certification from your chosen UKAS accredited  certification body, we will issue you with your 'Certified' Guarantee Mark which tells customers you have successfully received certification and have used best practice approaches to maximise the efficiency and value of your management system.

* Subject to eligibility, Fixed Price contracts are subject to specific terms and conditions which can be found here. Grant specific terms and conditions apply depending on the provider.

** For integration of additional management systems, or to integrate a new standard with an existing UKAS certified system, add 50% to base cost. i.e. ISO 9001 silver service for medium company is £5,000. Adding 14001 adds £2500, total cost of integrated ISO 9001 and 14001 is £7,500. ISO and FSC are treated separately.