9th November 2016

Pollution Prevention

Understand and minimise your pollution potential.

Pollution Prevention

Many businesses, particularly construction and manufacturing, create pollution in the form of chemicals, emissions, waste, noise or vibration. It is important to understand these impacts, who they affect, what their impacts are and how to mitigate them.

Failing to do so can result in fines, damage to the environment or bad relationships with your local community or council, which can make doing business very difficult.

Services and Experience

Totem Sustainability can assess your pollution risks and advise how to prevent them from impacting internal and external stakeholders through developing a mitigation plan.

We can provide pollution prevention workshops for construction sites, and similar activities, and developed mitigation plans. These involve assessing receptors on and near the sites and identifying the best methods to manage the pollution risks. We have covered a wide range of locations including high density urban, conservation areas, waterways, agricultural and rural countryside.