NEW: Fixed Price Implementation Packages

Part of the reason we got into ISO standards, is we like things to be straight forward. When things are straightforward (like your management systems), you can spend more time on creating value and generating new business. When we’ve been looking for business services over the last few months, a frequent frustration has been the Read more about NEW: Fixed Price Implementation Packages[…]

Energy and Carbon: Reporting must lead to actions

Last month I met up with an ex-colleague and friend, Hannah Kershaw of QinetiQ, to discuss the current state of energy and carbon standards. Instead of writing a piece myself, Hannah (who taught me most of what I know about energy and carbon), kindly agreed to provide her insights on the changing carbon and energy Read more about Energy and Carbon: Reporting must lead to actions[…]

Understanding ISO: ISO 14001 Environmental Management

What does it mean? Having worked as a lead auditor for some big certification bodies, including BM Trada and NQA, I noticed many ISO 14001 systems were implemented by individuals who were primarily quality consultants. These systems are often good enough to achieve UKAS certification, but do not maximise value for the organisation because the Read more about Understanding ISO: ISO 14001 Environmental Management[…]

Impactory: Totem Sustainability spawns a spinout

Totem Sustainability has some exciting news, our sustainability reporting platform is being spun out as a new company! After spending time specifying the system I met Valerio Cestrone, a specialist in data mining, machine learning, statistics, organizational development and leadership. Together we have founded a new company, Impactory, which will take on the reporting platform Read more about Impactory: Totem Sustainability spawns a spinout[…]

How much do SMEs impact our environment?

It’s time to widen our focus. Most environmental legislation is targeted at large organisations, which makes sense right? It’s reasonable to assume that these are the organisations who will be having a biggest impact on our environment. However, it is in fact Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) that have the biggest impact. A study Read more about How much do SMEs impact our environment?[…]