Remote Services in Lockdown and Beyond

Lockdown doesn’t mean your plans need to go into lockdown… so how are we delivering services remotely?

As the country and businesses in some industries start to show signs of fresh activity, we recognise that we are still light years away, and will likely remain to be for some time, from operating in ways similar to that of pre-March. We understand that the last quarter has probably been full of rethinking and adapting, whatever your business, and we’re pleased to still be talking to businesses who are going at full speed with their management system implementation.

If the business is operational, then it’s still very possible to do all the work needed, and our first hand experience of remote working for 10+ years, means we know a thing or two about working with partners in different locations.

Here’s some of the ways we’d work with you:

Video conferencing

We’re big believers in face to face, but these days, face to face on screens works pretty well; we can quickly share presentations, discuss specific points in documents and train and onboard staff all through video. We’ve got our favourite platforms, but will work on whatever you or your company prefer.

Photos & videos

Seeing is understanding. We’ll ask you to submit photos or videos of certain operations to explain the procedure with us. 10 years ago, this would have required specialist kit, but now we’re all walking around with the necessary equipment in our pockets. Quick smart phone pictures and unedited video can be seamlessly dropped in a shared folder before you’ve sat down at your desk, which brings us onto…

Shared folders

Allowing quick (and secure) sharing and updating of documents between your team and ours. This may seem daunting if your business hasn’t adopted ‘cloud’ storage, but it’s simple to get started, and we’ll take you through all the necessary steps.

And with all of the above, working closely with you, we can pretty much do it all. If there are any activities that need to be observed but not currently operational, we can work into a schedule for when they will be, and 99% of the rest can be covered off.

Now is the perfect time to get started, and prepare your business for whatever comes next.

If you’d like to kick things off with a (virtual) coffee, drop us a line for an informal chat about your business and how we can help.

All our remote working practices are covered by our data protection and privacy policies which you can check out here.

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