9th November 2016

Reporting, data collection and validation

Know your sustainability impacts and their cost, so you can save money and reduce your footprint.

Data Collection, Validation and Reporting

Collecting data and reporting your energy, water and waste performance is a great way to start your sustainability journey, no matter the size of your organisation. All you have to do is read your meters or count your bins! This shows customers and clients that you are tracking your performance and you can use the data to identify new cost saving opportunities.

You can start reporting even if you don’t have an Environmental Management System. Once you start recording your performance you can set targets to achieve even more cost savings. These are different for every organisation and Totem Sustainability will work with you to develop targets that are right for you.

Totem Sustainability can help you with energy, water, waste and timber reporting. The data you report is also useful to comply with certifications such as ISO 14001, BES 6001, BREEAM, HQM, CARES, GRESB, DJSI, FSC, PEFC, EUTR, Next Generation, WWF GFTN and many more.

Services and Experience

Totem Sustainability has extensive experience in data management and reporting at both a UK, European and global level. Whether you are starting your reporting journey, or you have already been reporting for years, Totem Sustainability can help set up your processes, refine your current system and improve data quality, leading to more valuable reports. Totem Sustainability can also validate the accuracy of your data and provide advice on improving data quality going forward. We are familiar with a range of statistical, qualitative and quantitative approaches which he applies to his sustainability reporting.

In addition to consulting, we are also developing our own data reporting platform through our sister company Impactory.