Totem Sustainability launches consulting services

We have now launched our sustainability and environmental consulting services!

With 10 years experience in consulting and sustainability we are now offering a wide range of sustainability consulting services including Chain of Custody, Environmental Management Systems, Health and Wellbeing, Reporting and Waste Management. See our Consulting page for the full range of services. Furthermore, we can deliver training on any of the topics covered on our services page and we’d love to be involved in any sustainability related research projects.

With our mission, Sustainability for Everyone, in mind we are trying to do some things a little differently. So in addition to the usual consulting services we are introducing a virtual sustainability manager service. This approach is already common for other services such as IT and accounting so we thought we’d introduce it for sustainability too. It’s a subscription service where you pay a flat rate per month and we provide consistent services such as internal audits, EMS reviews, reporting and ad hoc support. Whether you’re a small business just starting your sustainability journey or you just need some extra help, you can get the support you need for a lot less than a full time sustainability manager and the package can be customised to your needs.

Head over to our website for more information and to get in touch.

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