9th November 2016

Resource Efficiency

Identify your key resource use and plan how to be more efficient.

Resource Efficiency

Every time you send waste to a landfill it costs you money through the landfill tax which is £84.40 per tonne (correct at time of writing). You can reduce this cost by planning what waste you are expecting to produce and identifying ways to reduce this.

A resource management plan identifies the key resources used by your organisation, ways to reduce their use, any negative impacts they may have and who is responsible for their management. This can include energy, water and waste, but also materials and other resources. They can be applied to any organisation or type of work site (office, construction project, school, shop etc.), no matter what size or industry.

For more information, check out WRAP.

Services and Experience

Totem Sustainability can help you develop a resource management plan for a single location or your entire organisation. This involves assessing your key resources, identifying appropriate reduction activities and assigning them to responsible stakeholders.

We have developed site waste management plans (the precursor to resource management plans) for a wide range of projects including offices, hospitals, schools and museums. We have also followed up with continual monitoring to track progress against commitments made in the plans to compare forecast with actual performance.