28th February 2019

Totem Systems

Not all management systems are equal.

We aim to provide the best systems, appropriate for your organisation while enabling you to easily communicate the best practices you have implemented.


Common Issues

Not all management systems are equal. While UKAS certification is a very good indicator of how well a management system is implemented, it is possible to implement a management system which complies with all the requirements of the chosen standard, but is not suitable for the organisations activities. Common issues include:

1. Documents solely for compliance

2. Manual processes which can be automated

3. Over auditing

4. Over documentation

5. Documents required by outdated versions of standards.

Furthermore, it is possible to have a great management system which is not UKAS certified, simply because it does not comply with some of the more administrative clauses.


Our Guarantee

To ensure you avoid these pitfalls, we have set a number of guiding principles for our management systems, so you know your system is adding value to your business while achieving certification. Once you have implemented one of our system we will issue you with a Totem Systems Guarantee, with your unique implementation number, to demonstrate that your system meets our guiding principles and the minimum standards we have set for our systems.

1. All of our systems are designed with UKAS certification in mind

2. No documents should be for the sake of certification

3. All documents should have a minimum of two purposes

4. We will always work to the most up to date version of the standard

5. We will always recommend the best practice suitable to your organisation

Guarantee Explanation

Explaining the Guarantee Marks

We have developed different Totem Systems Guarantees which indicate what practices you have adopted with your management system implementation. Every implementation we complete will receive a report indicating your progress and you can ask us to review if you make any improvements. You can also request a review of an existing system, we will assess whether it meets our principles and which Guarantee is appropriate.

The standard assessed is indicated by the ring of the guarantee and it is possible to have more than one guarantee mark (i.e. Red for 9001 and Blue for 14001).

Totem Systems


Recommended organisation size:

0-9 employees

Includes all the basic documents, procedures and processes to implement a 'minimum requirements' UKAS certified management system.

Green QE Logo


Recommended organisation size:

10-249 employees

Builds upon a blue implementation, introducing more advanced documents to help you manage more complex issues associated with a growing organisation and an expanding product and/or service offering.

Red QE Logo


Recommended organisation size:

250+ employees

Builds upon a green implementation, introducing more strategic management tools which make it easier to manage multiple locations, business units and a large workforce.

Guarantee Mark Use

Using your Totem Systems Guarantee Mark

We encourage you to use your Totem Systems Guarantee Mark however you like, as long as it adheres to our guidelines, which are broadly: do not distort the image, use does not suggest your management system applies to elements not covered by your scope, use a supplied version (colour alterations may be requested) and, if used digitally, link your mark(s) to this web page.

All Totem Systems Guarantee Marks have a unique implementation number. You can check that we have completed or assessed the implementation by contacting our head office at iandodd@totemsustainability.com.

Any organisations fraudulently using a Totem Systems Guarantee Mark will be pursued in court.