28th February 2019

Management System Pricing – Environment

- Mandatory  - Dependent on organisational activities

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Example Price**




Context of the Organisation      

SWOT/PEST Analysis

Certification Scope

Certification Scope on Website


Power/Interest Analysis









Policy Document

Policy on Website









ISO 31000 Risk Management


Objectives with SMART Targets

Compliance Register

Legal Updates Subscription/Internal legal resource*



Aspects and Impacts Register

Equal Opportunities Policy

Modern Slavery Policy

GDPR Policy

Sustainability Strategy



Climate Change Adaptation Strategy










Organisational Chart

Job Descriptions


Qualifications checked


Training Matrix

Knowledge and accreditations register



Infrastructure Policy

Infrastructure Register


Maintenance Programme



Work Environment Policy

Work Environment Assessments


Communication Plan

Significant Dates Register

Communication and Marketing Strategy*



Documented Information Procedure




Operations – Environmental Management




Energy and Emissions Policy

Energy and Emissions Reporting*


Energy Auditing*



Energy Supply and Procurement Strategy



Water Policy

Water Reporting*


Water Management Strategy



Waste Policy

Waste License Register

Waste Reporting*


Packaging Policy

Take Back Scheme


Packaging Minimisation Strategy



Waste Management Strategy



Ecology and Biodiversity Policy

Ecology and Biodiversity Reporting*


Health and Wellbeing Policy

Health and Wellbeing Strategy


Health and Wellbeing Reporting*



Noise and Vibration Policy

Noise and Vibration Reporting



Social Value Policy


Community Support


Community Partnerships



Social Value Reporting*



Green Travel Plan


Green Travel Reporting






Operations – External Providers




Suppliers Register

Responsible Sourcing Policy

Chain of Custody Certification


Sourcing Reporting



Supplier Commitments


Second Party Auditing



ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement






Operations – Emergency Preparedness




Spill Procedure

Major Spill Training*

Accident Procedure

First Aid Training*


Fire Procedure

Fire Warden Training*


Flood Risk Assessment



Flood Procedure


Flood Warden Training*


Emergency Procedures Tested





Performance and Improvement




Audit Report

Audit Programme

Internal Auditor Training



IRCA Trained Internal Auditor*



Management Review Agenda

Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis and Evaluation

Nonconformity Report

Nonconformance Register


Nonconformance tracking



Feedback Forms

Feedback Register


Report on customer satisfaction



Performance Dashboard



Action Tracker









Gap Analysis

Implementation Training

UKAS Certification*





Example Price**




Our Guarantee Marks and Guarantee Reports help you communicate to your customers that you have adopted the associated best practices in your management system. The Guarantee Marks do not indicate certification, UKAS or otherwise, nor do we consider a Red implementation any 'better' than a Blue system. They are designed to give an indication of the types of approaches we believe are appropriate for a different size and complexity of organisation. Therefore a Blue system may still be appropriate for a larger organisation, depending on the product/service offering.

*Provided by partners and excluded from example price.

** Prices may be increased or decreased depending on an organisation’s activities, size and the existence of any documents which already meet our criteria. Above example prices assume a simple organisation with a single location, a single operational procedure, no existing documents and excludes options dependent on organisational activity ().

Note: Totem Sustainability reserve the right to update the requirements of our Guarantee as we see fit. If any changes are implemented, a transition period of 1 year will be observed to provide customers the time to update their systems in order to retain their current guarantee status.