2nd September 2016

About us

Sustainability can add value to all businesses, not just large corporates, and we’re the company to deliver it.

Performance driven sustainability.

The word ‘Totem’ is “used broadly for any thing or person having particular emblematic or symbolic importance.” (Merriam-Webster, 2015)

Totem Sustainability aims to symbolise the pinnacle of sustainable business by being a name organisations can trust to deliver the best sustainability products and services. We will always look for new ways to help organisation minimise their impact with a performance led philosophy that focusses on substance over style… though we hope we can deliver with a little style while we’re at it!

Sustainable business is better business, and better business is good for business.

Clients and customers are increasingly looking at what a company is doing to reduce their impact on the planet. One of the best ways you can do this is to show them that you are recording your impact and trying to reduce it. Totem Sustainability makes this easy and affordable, now there’s no excuse for any business to claim sustainability reporting is too expensive.